Sunday, November 4, 2012

qooApps qooClock Widget v1.03(0)

FolderPlay v1.20(11)

TSP Solver and Generator, Beta v0.14.170

SMS update v10.03(0)

Remote Multi Drive v2.04(0)

ThinkChange PassLock Full v1.10(0)

MiduPK Compass Widget v1.00(0)

MMMOOO Slide Unlock v1.02(2)

MMMOOO Launcher 8 v1.00(2)

WhatsApp v2.08(19)

Mobileways Gravity v2.80


Luxury smart launcher on Symbian is here! And based on 3D tech, cool and make your phone stand out!

Hurry downloading and please write down your review!

Smart Cover is the premium version of a super app from MMMOOO, it helps you to access frequent system apps conveniently, and all UI are base on 3D, run very smooth, elegant and cool!

Go with Smart Cover, you will find your phone is also premium and cool and the envy of others!