Friday, May 11, 2012

Swipe Unlock 1.02 signed

SwipeUnlock modifies lock screen of your phone so it appears like the lock screen of the MeeGo OS. MeeGo OS offers very interesting experience for any user. Mostly due to innovational Swipe interface. All actions with this interface are performed using gestures. We liked this idea and we tried to bring this feature of the Swipe onto Symbian platform. After installing the app firstly you should run it. Let’s look the app’s main window that contains app’s settings. The application works – toggles the application’s work. If you want to see common lock screen just turn this option off.

Run at startup – toggles the application’s automatic start at the phone startup.
Picture – allows you to select the background image that will be shown on the lock screen.
Resize mode – scaling mode of the background image. Here are options which are available:
Stretch – stretches the image to fill the screen (not preserving proportions).
Crop – places image’s center in the screen’s center and crops the borders (keeping proportions).
To get max quality result we recommend you to use prepared images with 360x640 pixels in size.
Gesture – the gesture used to unlock the phone. There could be the following options:
Horizontal – horizontal gesture along the screen. The lock screen is shifted to the left or right.
Vertical – vertical gesture along the screen. The lock screen is shifted to the up or down.
Show when pressed – allows you to select the key for displaying the lock screen.

Common lock screen is displayed by pressing the Menu key (if phone is locked). SwipeUnlock as default uses this key too. But there are the following options available:

Lock button
Menu or lock button
After selecting all needed options you can close the application – it is already working in the background. To see the app’s work result just press the button that you’ve selected when phone is locked.

Without SwipeUnlock application you see common lock screen.

Besides general information about date, time, cellular communication network type and battery, SwipeUnlock displays the last missed event.

Supported events’ types: missed call, missed message, missed e-mail (if letter has been received with built-in mail client).

Only one event is displayed at the moment. By pressing the event’s notifier you can go to the relevant application that handles this event’s type.

If you’re using built-in music player you have ability to control it directly from the SwipeUnlock lock screen. You can switch music tracks or pause the music player.

To unlock the phone you need to made corresponding gesture. We prepared small video clip so you can see how this really looks.

SwipeUnlock modifies lock screen so it appears like the lock screen of the MeeGo OS. Use gestures to unlock your phone!
Small remark: Application might work with slight delays after installation (or changing of settings). But some time later (5-10 minutes usually) application completely replaces built-in lockscreen. Compatible with S^3 / Anna / Belle Smart Phones.

Changelog v1.2
*. 12h clock fixed
*. Date localized
*. Multiselection for keys
*. QuickCam compatibility
*. Lock after second press
*. A few bugs fixed

Swipe Unlock signed

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