Saturday, June 9, 2012

LanternSoft Extra Buttons v1.3.0

This application place two additional live buttons on the toolbar of the homescreen and application grid.
You can select between:
- Lock/restart button (restart on long press).
- Task switcher button.
- Brightness control (4 modes - 0 %, 50 %, 100 %, autosensor).
- Battery/Power saving mode (on long press).

Changelog v1.3
Now you can. Hide each one of the all four buttons. Hide one from left and one from right and you will get two buttons mode.

English, Russian Ft. VietNam (translated by vutaikt).
Thanks to Vutaikt!!!
Lanternsoft Extra Buttons
Lanternsoft Extra Buttons
Lanternsoft Extra Buttons

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