Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lanternsoft Thumbnail Folders v1.04(0)

Thumbnail folder will help you decorate your game folder or application-style display thumbnails (thumbnails), to help you more easily manage tracking. Variety of management applications folder on other operating systems such as IOS android is Meego Harmatan PR 1.3

How to use:

1. Create a directory to hold the application.
2. Move apps into folders.
3. Run the application folder thumbnails.
4. On the application menu and select "Update" folder (update folders)
5. wait until the message "folder has been changed." (Folder appearance has been changed).
6. Exit application;
7. Run if you want to change the directory structure.

What's New in v1.4

+ Compatible with N808 PureView
+ First few fixes

Lanternsoft Thumbnail Folders v1.04(0)
Lanternsoft Thumbnail Folders v1.04(0)

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