Saturday, September 15, 2012

ET SlideUnlock v2.0


ET sliding lock for Symbian is a gorgeous iPhone and Android-like unlock the interface with the Software! Gently with your finger on the screen Slide to unlock locks key! Features:
1. in addition to other than the default wallpaper to select, you can also Using the current theme wallpapers and custom wallpaper;
2. you can set the auto lock time;
3. adjustable locking/ unlocking the volume;
4. customizable settings to lock/ unlock sound.
5. you can customize the unlocked text. Update


1. lock screen interfaces
increase operator displays;
2. lock screen interfaces increase the clock icon is displayed ;
3. auto-lock only came into effect on the standby interface Setting;
4. Add five desktop lock screen buttons can be used in other sectors Surface can be displayed;
5. five desktop increase iPhone lock screen button Android styles;
6. beautifying manned five sliding interface;
7. bug fixes for the previous version. If you have recommendations on software ideas, please add ET sliding lock into our group

ET SlideUnlock v2.0
ET SlideUnlock v2.0

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