Thursday, September 27, 2012

SISContents v1.7.5

SISContents is a tool that allows you to unpack, edit and sign Symbian 9 SIS packages (Nokia S60 3rd, 5th Edition and Sony Ericsson UIQ 3.x platforms are supported). It helps you to inspect the files contained in SIS package, to see certificates against which it was signed as well as to view the PKG script that describes the installation process on the device. You can also edit the contents of packages and sign them after that. Main features of SISContents: read the contents and show information on SIS packages; unpack SIS package files, extract embedded components of packages as sis files (including certificates and signatures), view and save installation PKG script packages, signs, show information on certificates (validity period, issuer, subject, etc.), and delete them from package; edit package: modification of name, vendor, version, type of installation, supported platforms (devices), software dependencies, the options available. You can also add, replace and delete files / components containing in a package and change capabilities, UID3, SID of executables (exe, ie dll, ldd, etc.) to create SIS packages from PKG scripts, read the content and unpack files from N-Gage packages, view resources (rsc files) embedded in sis packages; extract and edit contents of mif files embedded in sis packages, view, extract bitmap images and editing multi (HCH) files embedded in sis packages; modify themes for S60 platform.


Server/Vista/2008 Windows XP/2003 Server /
Windows 7 SISContents is freeware

Latest version: 1.7.5

Date Posted: 26/09/2012

Among the user interface languages:

Simplified Chinese,
Chinese traditional

SISContents v1.7.5
SISContents v1.7.5

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