Sunday, October 21, 2012

Alexander Fokin MusicKey v1.03(0)

The MusicKey application allows you to manage your regular player when the phone is locked.

You can set three actions:

Play/ Pause,

Next track,

Previous track.

You can set a key for each action.

After pressing the button with the required action icon, for example

Play/Pause, a set key dialogue appears.

Press the required key.

If the application recognizes it, the dialogue will close.

If the application doesn" t respond to a key, it cannot be processed with the soft and you should select another one.

After activation you can safely close the application. It will work in the


Enable autoboot to allow the application to start when you switch your phone on.

Known restrictions:

- Volume keys are not supported.

- Green and red keys don"t work with some models as C6, N97, 5530.

Alexander Fokin MusicKey v1.03(0)
Alexander Fokin MusicKey v1.03(0)

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