Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Opera Mini web browser v7.0.31438

The latest versions of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile get
an extra boost of speed and power. Even on sites with secure encryption or lots of graphics, pages load with a snap and scroll smoothly. You'll also be able to play the next generation of games on your mobile device, thanks to WebGL hardware acceleration in Opera Mobile. Not only are the controls fast and responsive, but colors and textures are rich and true to life too. Thanks to Opera, you can have a premium web experience no matter what phone or mobile device you use.

What’s new

The latest version of Opera Mini gives you: Faster browsing with less of the data loadA dashboard view of what’s happening on your social networks Automatic news feeds from your favorite sites
Along with these features that make your life easier, we’ve also made other improvements, to make your browsing better.

Opera Mini web browser v7.0.31438
Opera Mini web browser v7.0.31438

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