Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SnakeSoft TouchFX v1.01(0)

TouchFX gives you Fast Access to Taskmanager / PhoneLock /
Menu / QuickLaunch App / Close All
Opened Apps with just one Touch! Everywhere! Touch Area is on Left or Right upper
Corner. Actions:
- Open Taskmanager
- Open Menu
- Lock Phone
- Start Quick Launch App
- Close All Opened Apps Options: Select Action for:
- Single Tap
- Double Tap
- Slide Down (Slide over Edge and
Release Quickly)
- Double Tap'n Hold (Hold after 2nd Tap)
- Select Quick Launch App
- Compatibility Mode (for 3rd Party
- Select Touch Area
- Select Exceptions.

SnakeSoft TouchFX v1.01(0)
SnakeSoft TouchFX v1.01(0)

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