Friday, November 9, 2012

SnakeSoft AndroMenu v3.02(0)

AndroMenu Extra Buttons v3.2 replaces the default Symbian Belle Menu Bar
with up to 5 Extra Buttons for an awesome LookandFeel!

Arrange your own Menu Bar with Apps and custom Actions like Lock Phone,
Restart, Expandable Apps Menu and more!

Choose an Action or App for each button on Single Tap
and another Action or App on Long Press (just release press after highlight disappears)

Access AndroMenu from everywhere!
With the new Slide to Hide/Show Feature just slide over upper/left screen edge to right
to show or hide AndroMenu.

Now you can hide AndroMenu in Phone Menu!
Just select where to show AndroMenu: Homescreen, Phone Menu, Taskmanager


- Slide to Hide/Show Feature
- Select where to show AndroMenu (Homescreen, Phone Menu, Taskmanager)
- Autostart On/Off
- Different Menu Bar Styles
- Different Backgrounds for Menu Bar
- Different Backgrounds for Custom Buttons
- Select Action for Single Tap / Long Press for each Button
- Dynamic Expandable Apps Menu
- Icon Theme Support
- FP2 and Landscape/Portrait Support

Custom Buttons:

Expandable Apps, Restart Phone, Menu, Options, Lock Phone,
Change Brightness, Close open Apps...

Restart Phone after installation!

V3.2 Changelog:

- New Autostart feature (On / Off)
- New Custom Button Backgrounds
- New Feature: Menu Backgrounds
- Show AndroMenu in: Homescreen/Phone Menu/Taskmanager
(Now you can hide AndroMenu in Phone Menu)
- Open AndroMenu on long press removed (better handling)
- Menu Back icon is changing now in AndroMenu
- Button focus improved
- Bugfix with "Slide to Hide" feature and FP2 camera
- touch area for "Slide to Hide" is now on upper half of left screen edge
( no more problems with keyboard )

Menu Bar Styles, Menu Bar Backgrounds and Custom Button Backgrounds:

SnakeSoft AndroMenu v3.02(0)
SnakeSoft AndroMenu v3.02(0)

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