Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sym Dvr 1.29

A video recording application for Symbian Smart Phones with extended capabilities and features. Compatible with S^3 / Anna / Belle Smart Phones.

Main features:

● Supports continuous video recording
● Delete old records automatically
● Supports zoom in/out during recording
● Can record video in background
● Can record HD video
● Has Favourites functionality
● Subtitles support (date and time, GPS coordinates and speed)
● Record GPS tracks
● Inner video player with subtitles support
● Night shot mode
● Support portrait and landscape shooting

You can choose or adjust following options:

● Camera (main or secondary)
● Video resolution
● Frame rate
● Audio codec
● Audio and video bitrate
● Size of one video file
● Storage limit
● Disk drive
● Startup mode
● Sound recording on\off
● GPS on\off

Known bugs:

● Sometimes hangs on incoming calls

Next steps of development:

● Adding setting for choosing speed units (km/h or mph)
●Adding setting for choosing GPS coordinates format (+ddd.ddddd°, Hddd.ddddd°, Hddd°mm.mmm', Hddd°mm'ss.sss")
● Turning on loudspeaker on incoming call
● Using accelerometer's data for sending SMS alert or saving current video to favourites in case of strong impact

Version 1.29 (beta):
fixed bugs
added Spanish language
added support of Belle FP1 / Nokia 808 (Full HD 1920x1080)

SymDvr 1.29 Unsigned
SymDvr 1.28 Signed

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