Saturday, May 26, 2012

Xplore 1.57(2)


All the drives, folders and files on your display
Integrated text and image viewer
Details Viewer
Editing File Properties (Hide, read-only system)
Appointing and removing
Creating and editing text files
Creating a folder
Copy or move files and folders
Send files over infrared or Bletooth
ZIP, RAR, JAR Files File Ayıklayabilme
Package to create ZIP files
View Word documents
Screen information of hardware devices
Transactions and Tasks views (Symbian 8.7 Available)
Built-in program update
View Message folders and save files
Hex viewer and editor
Search for Files
shortcut folder
Simple music player


The changes I made.
Icon of all icons was Anna.
Changed the two icons.
The deficiencies in the language file is complete.
Removed all unnecessary language.

Xplore 1.57(2)
Xplore 1.57(2)

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